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Default Re: Some great AGT show on TV....

Originally Posted by BurningHammer
Like other talent shows, it is only great in early episodes where there are more variety of acts to keep the show entertaining. The is why Britain Got Talent, the shorter version of AGT, is better.

its actually gotten better from the early episodes. the other thing is they travel from city to city across the U.S. so a lot of it is regional talent, and you can tell with how there are more mexican acts or cowboy crap in Texas for example. or drag queen singer, or more artiste type of people in NY.

also i think Howard and Sharon have good chemistry. Howie's cheesy to me, but he has some good punchlines at least.

i should've put in descriptions but was about to pass out last night when i posted this. some of the acts are really good imo, its just with some of them there is no medium for those acts that reaches the masses other than this type of show.
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