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Default Re: Some great AGT show on TV....

Originally Posted by SCREWstonRockets
The show has really grown on me. Much better than expected. I disliked the editing at first, but I see how it makes the show move much faster. Lots of interesting acts. Makes you think how people come up with this crap.

same here. i was really iffy on the early episodes i watched, but then i saw a few more and got more hooked. its not only the acts altho they've gotten better as well, i like the interaction of howard, sharon, howie too(only second to charles, ernie, and kenny). it was real interesting to me to see how Stern handled himself. early on he was sort of annoying, but recently has toned down his attention whoring. otherwise he's been spot on with some of the stuff he verbalizes, and taken charge of that panel.
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