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Default Re: Auto geeks: A5 or 335 convertible...

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Audi's are notorious for electrical problems. Which in the end are FAR more pricey and harder to fix/diagnose than a bad fuel pump which is considered a minor repair. Neither are Subaru or Honda level reliable but BMW is more reliable from what I know. Either way.... if I was in this situation I'd go with Beamer without even thinking twice.

I love certain Audi's.... but not the A5. Now if he's talking... S5.... I'd take that over a BMW any day. The S5 is a ****ing beast mode v8 with 400+ hp. Those are 52k though so it's off topic for me to talk about. I'm always looking for bang for the buck and the 335i I has significantly more bang for the buck in my eyes. Top notch warranty as you mentioned, more features, significantly more power. As I said... the ultimate balance in a vehicle is a 50/50 weight split, RWD and turbo/turbos.... all of which the 335 have. Not to mention it still gets very solid gas mileage with all of that weight and power.

Yup, agree that the A5 shouldn't be compared to the 335. It should be compared to the 328. S5 is a beast but the RS5 is gonna be the shit. Going to be way overpriced though. Think I'll settle for an M3 for my next ride.
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