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Default Re: Auto geeks: A5 or 335 convertible...

Originally Posted by Kensta
Yup, agree that the A5 shouldn't be compared to the 335. It should be compared to the 328. S5 is a beast but the RS5 is gonna be the shit. Going to be way overpriced though. Think I'll settle for an M3 for my next ride.

I thought the new gen of M3's are an insane 60k+? It's funny because they put the 2012 M3 up against the new 5.0 Mustang (regular GT) model... and the Mustang not only barely lost on the track... but beat the quarter mile by like .1. The GT ran a 12.7 stock to the BMW's 12.8. Point is.. it's crazy that you're basically paying an extra 30k for two more doors, luxury and name brand. I couldn't do that!

I know I'm thinking like a broke ass though haha. If I had enough cash... I'd see the value in Euro luxury I'm sure.
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