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Default Re: ever get with a girl you work with?

I easily could have smashed this chick that I work with by now, but she is hella volatile and what not. one day she's down and totally not the next. anyway, we texted for about 5 months before I even found out she was attracted to me. Once she revealed she wanted to smash, we texted about nothing else for a 2-3 week stretch. she's very sexual and as it turns out, she wanted all along to do all kinds of sh!t to me.

It's hard to conjure a concrete judgment in regards to smashing her.

I like her and she's cool as hell. She smokes weed, loves watching and talking football and basketball, and to a small extent likes me, greatest of all. she's incredibly and almost even intimidatingly intelligent, and very well read.

There''s a few problems though.
We fall in and out of "like" almost weekly by way of frivolous bullsh!t, and as said before, she's hella volatile and also quite assholish, forever reminding me that she doesn't need me. she also has an ex-boyfriend who she's in love with, who is better than me for her in just about every aspect and facet.

anyway. she plans to quit and move in a month or so, and we will most likely cease communication. she leaves about 15 minutes away, and we've hung out maybe 5-7 times, smoking the ganj just about each time. i really don't know how to play it
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