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Default Re: OMFG Falling Skies!

Originally Posted by Loneshot
I can't get over the main character, Noah Wyle, really don't care for him at all.

Speaking of characters have you noticed whenever its like a black guy and a white guy in a scene....the black guy dies?

I mean when you watch movies or TV you expect that but....

Any1 remember that scene on the bus?

Who didnt see that comming?

Also I like all the characters on the show....

I think thats part of what makes a show. And by this I mean you could take a show that was terrible give it the right cast and it is amazing.

As for me I like the cast.

LOST had an amazing cast...This show I think is like LOST... We will see how thing turn out but we know the ending will be better ! lol

Give that 70s show the wrong cast and they are

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