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Default Re: How is this asian rap song?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Explain. Even blacks/hardcore heads are growing tired of these same motifs. They had the club scene, they hopped out of cars and gave daps, they wore trendy clothes, they used the same exact scenes and mannerisms you'd find in a vid done by African Americans. Which is okay or whatever but I would like it if people used a bit of originality. I know they have a lot of places and rituals that arent played out to the max and my critique is that they should show some uniqueness and use their culture and experiences to let rap fans know about their lives instead of mimicking what others do because it looks cool.

Have you been to Tokyo for example? Have you seen the car culture there? Have you seen how they dress?

No. You don't own a certain way of behaving. The fact that you are saying you can act like a race simply means you don't acknowledge your own people as people.
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