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Default Re: What is your favorite movie director/writer of all time?

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
My favorite is Akira Kurosawa.

Other I really like are Woody Allen, Scorsese, Coen Brothers, John Ford, Howard Hawks.

Those last two are blasts from the past and I'm going to throw out another name for you old time film fans, Preston Sturges.

He's not too well known, but he made about 7 comedies in a run that will stand up with any ever made.

The Coen Brothers are gigantic fans of his. The Hudsucker Proxies is their attempt at a Preston Sturges movie and Oh, Brother Where Art Thou is literally taken from one of his movies.

And a producer can be a creative force on a film, anyone whose worked in films knows the auteur theory only applies to a very small number of directors.

can= rarely

im not even talking about auteur theory. if a film is of quality it is generally because the director was the driving force behind it, film form neccesitates that. film making by comitee/studio manufactured cinema is the only place that producers have a strong influence and its generally negative. having said that, i firmly believe that film is collaborative. i think alot of the time people missunderstand auteur theory and think it rejects collaboration.

hmm, that sounds a bit contradictory...
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