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Default Re: How is this asian rap song?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
I have seen documentaries where Asian kids tan and watch BET and other A.A. outlets in attempts to look like blacks.

I've also seen Italian Americans and even other folks tan themselves to ridiculous lengths. The fact that you've seen these documentaries makes me question what you do with your time.

never said that blacks OWN a way of dress or behavior. But you're kidding yourself or lying if you think they didn't get their hand gestures from watching blacks. Grabbing their nuts.....the salute....the way they hugged each other when they shook hands. Those are black mannerisms.


So by your logic bowing to show respect isn't an Asian function, kissing on the cheek to greet someone isn't European, shaking only the right hand isn't Islamic, and so on and so forth.

All these things you mentioned are country specific outside the Islamic one. Which is clearly linked to religion.
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