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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-13 Teams

Originally Posted by Euroleague
If Great Britain gets a place then the Euroleague needs to lose our support. This is getting too ridiculous.

Can you imagine the scores of the games?

Panathinaikos 108 - Newcastle 36..................

I wonder how Partizan is going to meet the budget requirements to have a license? They have to rent the big arena and then they have to maintain a much higher budget. At least that is based on how Euroleague was saying the new contract rules work.

Is Partizan getting a new sponsor now if they get the contract?

As for Spartak, their new arena is supposed to be 7,000 capacity. So I don't see how they can get the contract, when the rule is 10,000 to get a contract. Spartak's old arena is also about 7,000 capacity I think. So it makes no sense to take the contract away from Siena, because they lack the arena, and give it to Spartak, who also lacks it.

Unless Spartak is going to use the hockey arena.....but then why the hell would they have built a new arena then? That seems like a waste of money. Unless maybe they use the new arena just for VTB games and play in the hockey arena for Euroleague. I don't know, that seems weird to me.

Surely, someone else has a better pitch to Euroleague to get the contract. If the arenas are such a huge issue with Euroleague, then you would think someone like ALBA would get the contract.
Partizan can play in Belgrade Arena I could get more sponsors but no way that budget will be more than 5-6 , it will probably be same like this year . Today Todoric ( BC Partizan sport director ) said that Armani has better chances to get the licence so Partizan wont get it but no one here takes him sereusly because a lot of times when he says something wont happen it happens . As for Spartak I alsow heard that its between them and Partizan for licence not them and Partizan but I dont know what site got it wright . I think EL needs to help contries that are bad in basketball but not by giving them direct place in EL . For example I heard that Partizan , PAO , CSKA and Barcelona are going to play in a turnament in Dubai ( Obradovic is there so he probably organised it ) to make basketball more popular there . But it would be better if they played in more cities and more countries like Hungary , Great Britain , Sweden , Portugal , Ukrain so in futur basketball can get more popular there and so they can have some good teams in future . EL needs more money and they cant get it if richer countries have bad teams and dont care aboute basketball , with more money players will stay in Europe and wont go to the NBA .
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