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Originally Posted by BarneyStinson

I have a quick question on confidence. I feel that I have developed my basketball skills but I still have this confidence issue. Sometimes when I play ball, I get nervous or "scared" to ask for the ball when the ball is being inbounded. I just find it awkward when there is another playing asking for the bal l at the same time. How do I overcome this? Especially when you play with strangers? Also, sometimes I don't get the ball as much on offense and this can be disruptive to my game. How do you play with a ballhog that always holds on to the ball? Should I always just focus on working hard and doing other things like cutting, setting screens, rebounding when this happens?
Regarding your asking for the ball, I think it depends on a couple of factors. First, if you're completely honest with yourself, do you feel on your given team (assuming this is a pick-up game or open gym) that you're the best and most reliable player to bring the ball down the floor? If so, there should not be hesitation when it comes to moving into position for the inbound pass.

In my experience, I have come across many, many times where I felt I was the most reliable person to handle the rock from the inbound, whether that be in terms of making something happen at the other end or just flat out taking care of the ball. To be truthful, in those relatively rare moments where an unreliable ballhandler is trying to get at the inbound every time down, if he's really that bad, I'll undercut him and call for the rock from the guy passing the ball in. More times than not, inbounders know who the most reliable player is going to be. They'll pass to who they trust the most.

If I'm one of many reliable ballhandlers on a squad, I'll play it by ear. If one of my teammates has established himself as someone who's bringing the ball down court, I have no issue working off the ball. It usually works to my advantage in fact, for when I'm the initial ballhandler, I tend to pass first. Whereas, off the ball, I'm looking to catch and make a scoreable play. Again though, if a trusted ball handler begins making a number of questionable plays, I'd subtly try to take my turn at bringing the rock down court.

Regarding not seeing the ball on offense much (likely when someone else insists on bringing the ball down floor and possibly attempts to go one-on-one against his defender on every trip), one of the answers is in fact to work on other facets of the game. However, I also believe in continuing to work to get myself into good offensive positions, and then calling for the ball. It doesn't have to be brash or harsh, but if you are able to slice through and open yourself up at the free throw line, a loud enough "Ball!" will make it undeniably apparent that you are in fact open. In that case, if the ballhandler continues to eat the rock and shoot poor shots over double teams, it becomes clear he's doing so at the expense of passing to the open player.
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