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Default Re: Off Topic-Bradley beats Pacquio??

Absolutely glorious.

Karma is a bitch Pacquiao. He was totally unprofessional today since the beginning. Holding up the fight for the game only to make everyone wait another 30(about, give or take) minutes after the fact, taking rounds off or just trying to steal rounds by only fighting with a minute left, and then smiling and laughing with people ring side in the middle of the was a complete joke to watch.

Not everyone gets their justice, but Pac did tonight. And this whole devout Christian act for his political career, I'm not buying it at all. Nor should anyone else, like I said, it's just a political move for a guy who has no place in any sort of political office.

And on another note, it was a much closer fight than the crowd and ringside announcers led everyone to believe. Pacquiao was all flash. Though he did land the best punches in the fight, boxing is a score based sport. The punches landed and thrown stats were being counted by a seemingly blind man, since Bradley wasn't getting credited for connects while Pac was getting credited for punches that were not even landing cleanly.

Can't wait until this Mayweather and Pacquiao era is gone. These guys are said to be great for the sport, etc, etc...yet we have two of the best fighters in the world, who are in the same weight class(pretty much), that will never fight. Just be gone already. I'm ready for a new wave of fighters and new stars.

Now off to bed. Goodnight everyone.

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