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Default Re: Am I the only one getting bombarded by sensitive passive aggressive MeMes...

When will these goddamn egocentric brawds quit with their shaming schemes. They don't understand what masculinity is. Their arrogance baffles me. If we the scientists are humble enough to admit that we know very little about the ladies DESPITE many many accounts of most players understandin females better than they themselves, then they should pipe the f*ck down and let men describe waht manliness really is. Honor,leadership, testosterone and courage more or less. Crafted by the souls of warriors, kings, the clergy, great philosophers and filtered through the rites of passages (Kenyan shield and sword against lions, Bar Mitzvahs, Brazilian fire ants,

Romance and all those servile acts were only here in the f*cking first place because of the huge disparity of status and how charming it is to see something as high and noble as a prince stoop down to the level of aslave woman. Now that we're more or less equal those gestures are in vain..

Literally, a f*cking disgrace to the ladies of the past. The Rosie the Riveters and the Audrey Hepburns and the Sophia Lorens who were far stronger, classier, and found knew how to take care of business in a delicate stylish manner Did you know that George Washingtno's wife used to carry pitchers of waters to the soldier and when George fell down she took over his cannon and managed to snag a few redcoat kills?

She would grimace at the utter neediness of these 21st century wannabe independent hoz.
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