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Default Hopefully Patrick Patterson will be at his best next season

Houston Chronicle Blog:

Patterson, 23, finally had his long-planned ankle surgery before last season, but his rehabilitation cost him all of training camp, forcing him to spend much of the lockout-condensed season catching up. When the season ended, he had another surgery, this time to remove scar tissue from the previous procedure.

“How I feel compared to previous years is a lot better,” Patterson said. “I got all the scar tissue and gunk out of my ankle. My range and my mobility, just the feel of my ankle, is more comfortable. The pain I felt throughout the years has totally gone away. My ability to move and slide and jump on the court feels free.”

Patterson, a 6-9 forward/center, had been told when he had the initial surgery last August that a follow-up procedure would likely be necessary. He would not cite the pain when he struggled last season, deciding he had battled it for so long — his rookie season and final two seasons at Kentucky — he could play with pain.
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