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Default LeBron ready to handle the 2012 Finals

Detroit News:

Somehow, LeBron James has proven plenty, and absolutely nothing.

He's the best player in basketball. He's also the most scrutinized, criticized, analyzed, lionized, and super-sized. He's the primary reason much of sporting America hates the Heat.

Well, sorry to spoil it, but I think James is ready to handle the heat and take the Heat the only place they can go. Miami will be the underdog when the NBA Finals open Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, but I'm not buying it. Kevin Durant is a terrific scorer and the Thunder have their own Big Three in Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, none older than 23.

The Heat have a healthy Chris Bosh back with James and Dwyane Wade, and should win this series, probably in six games. But if there's anything we've learned in the two years since James made the horrendous decision to turn his free agency into a carnival of arrogance, this isn't just about basketball.
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