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Default Re: Let's talk about Thomas Robinson

Originally Posted by JMT
Ceiling somewhere around Juwan Howard. Nice player, will be able to post pretty good numbers on a bad team early in his career.

I see him as a better version of Drew Gooden. Guy who will play a long time because teams will desire the variety of things he can bring to their front line, but certainly not a franchise player.

I agree with the notion that he is definitely not a franchise player. On the other hand, if you're a team completely devoid of a star/scoring power like the Bobcats, can you really afford to take a guy like MKG over Robinson.

MKG's strengths and weaknesses have been talked about already to a decent extent so I'm not going to really talk about those, but I'm one of those guys who thinks MKG has to be at best the second or third option on your team. On that regard, I think MKG is getting a bit overvalued for his defensive stopper abilities as a superstar.

I don't really agree with your view of Robinson as a better Drew Gordon, but that's the beauty of it I guess, no one really can say for sure until it happens. He's explosive and strong as hell, very long and athletic and has more moves than a lot of big guys in the league. Based on that, I don't see why he can't be a less scoring but better rebounding Amare given that he has a decent guard rotation with him.
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