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Default Re: Ps3 or X box 360?

Eh, I like PS3 for various reasons.
It might be more of a personal preference though.

1) I value watching high-definition movies and the PS3 has the Blu-Ray.
2) It is way more reliable as a console. For instance, I bought an 80 gig PS3 4-5 years ago with the MGS (the backward compatible version) and played the crap out of it, still standing today. I even dropped it pretty badly and it's still working. X360? I had to replace the system 3 times 5 years ago within a year due to the RROD, but the sad thing about it was that I have rarely played the system (mostly COD 4).
3) The ONLINE is where Xbox supposedly triumphs PS3; that's fine, I don't play online as much. I had an immense amount of fun playing Uncharted 2 online for a year straight, created crews and actually participated in competitions. They say PS3 isn't as fun; yet half the online community would recognize my usertag becaue it is so highyl interactive. I don't buy the whole "360 has a larger community", it does but only to certain particular games. If you like sports game; I always see the same amount of people playing it for the PS3 as they do for X360. But PS3 doesn't charge you for playing online; so it's a lot more suitable for me since I don't play online much anyways.
4) The 360 have a MUCH better controller, I'll give it to them. I can't play FPS games on the PS3 as well as I can on the 360. They're ugly as hell but very effective.
5) PS3 has Naughty Dog in its back pocket, my favorite gaming developer right next to Rockstar. I find the PS3 games are a heck of a lot more interesting and diverse. Carefully analyze the different exclusives each console has; I am a much bigger fan of God Of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid etc. then Halo & Gears Of War; so the decision is easy for me.
6) I don't care what anyone says; I actually tested this. PS3 has BETTER graphics, period. I have both consoles and I played games like Arkham City and Max Payne 3; I find PS3 graphics smoother.

Overall, if you play online all the time and really value the experience; then be safe and get 360. If you value Halo, Gears Of War and their other exclusives over Uncharted, GOW etc. then get X360. If you play more FPS's, get X360. If those criteria's don't suit you, get the better overall system: which is undisputedly PS3 (in my opinion).

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