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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
Teodosic needs help at pg ? Markovic is best assistant in HISTORY of Eurocup and is great defender . For a backup that is very good . Miljenovic will probably join NT but he first needs to show he is good enough by playing in EL , if he is talented as everyone says he could be good as Teodosic . What better players do you have in mind ? You arent thinking of Rakocevic or Milicic , are you ? We will see next year who is wrong you or me , and as long Ivkovic is head coach of our NT I will belive in medal in every compatition .

Serbia as it is now (the team as it has been) has no good point guard besides Teodosic. And Teodosic can't defend at the position properly. Rasic, Tepic, and Markovic are not good enough options as point guards, for a team that wants to win medals every summer.

Sorry, it's just my opinion. They need a better point guard, and they need a way to let Teodosic be a SG on defense. They also need some better shooters in the lineup. Keselj is great as a shooter, and so is Rasic, but then you have someone like Tepic, who can't shoot, and Teodosic is too streaky with his shot selection.

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