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Default Re: Projecting Olympic Rosters

Originally Posted by Maga_1
Just give Cvetkovic a chance this Summer, to see how things work out with him playing at top level. I don't know many other guards besides the regular ones in the Serbian NT.
Serbia has 4 pgs that dominated youth compatitions last year but since Nedovic plays sg now there are only 3 . Micic broke his leg this season so he will need more time to improve , Cvetkovic didnt play this season and if Pesic think isnt ready to play for Red Star than he isnt ready to play for Nt . Partizan borrowed Miljenovic to Mega Vizura where he dominated Serbian league but he still isnt good enough for nt . Maga are you from Spain ? If you are can you tell me whats happening with Markovic ? He got injured against in game 2 with Barca and hasnt played since than and I cant found oute did he recover .

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