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Default Re: Meyers Leonard will be an elite bigman in the NBA

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Yeah, the Leonard / Zeller is a pretty good guage of how a team looks at a prospect. I've said the same about Perry Jones vs. Jared Sullinger. I feel like Sullinger is a way more sure thing, but Jones has a much higher cieling. It's just that Jones could also pretty quickly turn into Dante Green.

My fear with Leonard's development is mostly the frame. Sometimes I feel like I can see if a guy's frame is gonna be able to fill out, and I worry that his won't without losing too much athleticism. I think it's because he's so narrow through the waist.


How much more frame does he need? People are talking about his strength. I remember reading on a draft scouting report that he would need to add 5 pounds in order to compete. I was like FIVE POUNDS? I think Meyers is pretty much good size-wise now. He just needs to get meaner.

They are projecting him to be picked by the Bucks. Imagine him with BJ and Ellis. Look at how small Biedrens is but he does work. I think Leonard has a much larger frame than Andris.

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