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Default Re: Ps3 or X box 360?

PS3 more of an entertainment hub?

What? 360 is getting the NBA, NHL, AND may be getting NFL sunday ticket, but will no matter what be getting the Monday night ESPN games now. Thus giving them at least 3 of the four major sports.

Netflix? they had it first(although the menu is garbage compared to the PS3's I'll give you that)

They got Amazon Video what 3 days a part? Vudu? PS3 had it first for a few months thats true.

They both have basically every movie app like that including Crackle. I'm not sure if the PS3 has HBO GO though, and I don't feel like turning mine on. If you have Comcast, it can be your cable box.

Really as an entertainment hub it's a matter of, if you have comcast it's a plus, if you like sports, or if you'd rather have a blu ray player. But in no way shape or form is the PS3 the bigger entertainment hub by far anymore. It's really just a matter of preference of the content. And blu ray.
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