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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

When I hold team practice, we run the offense and defensive sets the entire practice. I want to give these guys actual game situations that they'll face. I show them many different options they can do once they get the ball in the actual offensive set. Tedious but effective.

When I hold training, we strictly do physical workouts and skills development. I feel it helps their psyche and gives them confidence when they improve physically and skill development consists of properly boxing out and or properly sealing off a man on a PnR or PnP, catch & shoot off screens or dribble shoot off screens, and one of the most important things I do is show guys what exactly an open shot is cause most tend to think an open shot is when they are completely alone which is only partially true.

Also it's a challenge getting some of my team to distinguish between an open shot and taking a more difficult closer shot that's being challenged.

They feel if it's challenged but they're closer it's a better shot.

I wanna give 'em the but they are still learning.

Btw, I hate most drills as they are hardly EVER applicable to an in game situation, like silly ass close out "ball ball ball" drills, I see kids become so focused on saying "ball ball ball" that in the meantime they're getting the shit shook outta them cause they're programmed to scream "ball" while pumping their feet at the same time that they never actually focus on guarding the guy.
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