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Default Re: Max Payne 3

Originally Posted by BEAST Griffin
- The Brazil setting bored me and I got tired of Portugese pretty quickly. I did enjoy some of the throw back levels.
- It didn't have the humor of the previous titles and if there was any humor it was probably in Portugese during a cutscene.
- Too many cutscenes and a worse narrative monologue than the previous titles.
- Far too little interaction with the environment.
- The gun play felt too heavy, it missed the lightness of previous titles.

All in all, it didn't suck. That was just hyperbole. Still disappointed.

You nailed it. Those are things I didn't like either. But be true to yourself, play it again and I'm sure you can come up with a far greater list of things you enjoyed about the game.

It's a fantastic game, maybe not as good as its predecessors but still a must-own if you're a Max fan.
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