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Default Re: Ps3 or X box 360?

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
Do you guys not read?
The guy said "way more versatile"...

Then he backtracks and says "that makes it more versatile or at least is trying too..."

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the wording in his original post made it sound like PS3 is only good for its Blu-Ray. Then proceeding to claim Xbox is way more versatile as a media hub. Completely not true, both consoles have its strengths and weaknesses. I value netflix a lot, so I'll always prefer PS3 as a media hub. You can essentially do every-thing on both consoles, so I still don't understand why he made 360 his outlier.

I have both consoles, it seems to me that the 360 lags more online.

That's not back tracking. This years E3 Microsoft are pushing the Xbox to be a home media Hub by expanding the range of content it has online. PS3 doesn't look like it will be doing that or they will try to if its proves to be succesfull on the 360. Thus making the 360 more versatile as many people will look to buy those features on 360 rather than buy Sky. I said the PS3's best features are it's free online and Blu ray player. If I was going to say the Blu ray is all it's good for than I would have written that instead but notice how I didn't? Both consoles having strengths and weaknesses is a moot point as everyone knows that with anything you buy.

To sum up yes you are reading too much into it.
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