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Default Re: Another 14th pick for Houston. Who will they draft?

Raptors fan posting here guys - hope not to intrude offend.

This is rumor but one of the local media guys also picked it up as having legs. B Collangelo (GM Raptors) has one year on a short leash contract and pretty much needs to get into the playoffs. He is looking to add vets and drafts.

Goes like this - 8 selection plus Ed Davis (4) to Houston. Ed was a 7th round pick or something - Chris Bosh insurance policy 3 years ago.

It could also be 8 selection plus J Johnson (3) because the rockets can use more at 2/3 and JJ is a very versitile player. JJ came to Toronto via Chicago - former 22nd round pick (or something)

Raptors select Andre Drummond (assuming available) and send to Rockets with one of above and get KLow 14 and 16 back. Raptors can absorb a cap hit being under Klow salary not an issue.

The Rockets are "at the cap" and 2 for 1 makes sense so long as Toronto can absorb the difference in salary cap which we can.


Thoughts? Any rumors that kinda confirm what is trailed around here ? Local media say anything about Rockets moving up via Toronto ?

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