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Originally Posted by WilliamPhiladelphiaSmith
No, Rudy's got an outside game, he'z versatile and a pretty solid passer. Not going to be classified as a top 5 worst starter in the league.

Honestly you guys should watch more CBB, it's entertaining.

I enjoy reading posts from GOBB, fatboy, and theGame when it comes to critiquing rookies because at least they got some credibility.

You trolls don't even know anything about the hottest college prospects so i would advise the classic STFU, ok.

I've been watching Gay since Arch. Bisp. Spalding.
I believe I know his game quite well actually, Jefferies made college 3 point range also when he was at IU, He is long like Jefferies with that huge wingspan he can play 2,3 or 4 like Jefferies can he has a awesome vertical and he is a great finisher and passer, however he is not assertive just like Jefferies, i'm secondfiddle another poster nice guy alter ego, therefore I will not attack you, however I will remember your user name and get at you when I return as my normal self.
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