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Default Re: I think it's clear Lebron is at least slowly overcoming his Finals issues

Originally Posted by TheMan
You don't want leBron falling in love with his jumper though, that's what opposing coaches want, you want LBJ attacking the rim, putting pressure and fouls on the defense, I'll take jump shooting LeBron, even if he's hitting his shots over artacking the rim LeBron.

Why does it have to be one or the other? How about we demand him to be....gulp....a complete offensive player? Is that too much to ask? Believe it or not, ability to make jump shots makes you a bigger threat on the basketball court. It makes your team better. LeBron HURTS his team out there with crappy perimeter shooting. To expect a perimeter player like him to just "attack" is stupid and unrealistic. There will be times when he'll be on the perimeter and unable to drive, due to his lack of quickness and the adjustments made by the defense. He'll need to make a few jumpers then, like ANY PERIMETER PLAYER IS SUPPOSED TO. What happens then?

Miami won't win this series if LeBron continues to suck from outside. OKC will soon start shading him on his drives right from tip-off, something they did do in the 4th qtr last night and completely shut down his slow-motion drives. Then what? This is why he SHOULD be taking jumpers every now and then, just to establish something, anything beyond the paint.

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