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Default Re: 2012/2013 and beyond: how can the Knicks improve?

Originally Posted by Scoooter
We said shit like that about JR, and he's basically been at best useless and at worst a disaster.

I could conquer Puerto Rico's league. It's an island for ****'s sake.
I disagree about JR totally. Although he made some bone headed plays but he isnt a PG and he is a volume shooter. I loved the fact that he played defense (took to many risk, compromising risk with steals when there was no help).

Considering Chandler, Jared, Shump, Jr were the only guys that played solid to good defense nightly I appreciated the effort.

Originally Posted by franchize
When I get home I will. I actually was going to create a thread but they installed a new computer at my job

I look forward to this as well. I gave you the list already so its just plug in play basically with your rationale.

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