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Originally Posted by C_lake2802
Lately ive been deferring to much even when i know i can take my man, but i don't want to be a bad teammate at all. I'm a good player with plenty of knowledge on the game but now i'm always questioning myself in game. Ill ask myself things like. Should i attack now?, should i shoot? what if i miss? Is my team gonna be mad? thoughts like that

When i was younger in my teens i was really raw offensively compared to where i am now, but i can remember numerous games where i was in the zone. Ive had numerous comeback games and 30 pt games in league ball... I just feel my killer instinct is leaving me, and im dying to get it back. I try not thinking so much about the game but i cant help it for some reason.

If y'all have had any similar situations to this please drop some feedback!
I had the same issue but I struggled with it earlier in my life (as opposed to now). What worked for me was to remind myself what basketball was all about. It's about scoring more points than the other team. This is done by physically scoring however and whenever possible while on the flip side preventing the other team from doing the same (obvious, right)?

As such, when the ball's in my hands, the only thing I'm thinking about is how my team could best score the rock. The god's honest truth is, if I could score every single time, I will score every single time. Priority number one, priority number two, and priority number three is for a team to score. There's no pass requirements, there's no teamwork grades, etc. It's just about putting the ball in the bucket as effectively as possible.

Since you have a history of going strong without hesitation, I don't want to preach to the choir. However, if we paint some hypotheticals, it all begins to make sense. For instance, if you feel you are able to score effectively against your defender (repeatedly), I believe you should attempt to score effectively against that defender over and over again. If the opposing team is not completely retarded, they should take notice of your domination. As such, other defenders may begin helping out, cutting off gaps, double teaming, etc. This would then open up passing lanes, which would lead to natural sharing. Of course, if a pass leading to a great shot is available prior to attack, it should always be made.

Players who are not offensively aggressive (thinking about passing instead of reacting to what the game is providing) really limit a team. My middle schoolers used to get into a habit of just swinging the ball back and forth around the horn when we'd run our zone offense. As such, they were easy to defend, because no one attacked. The first order of business is to attack if you're in an attackable position. Depending upon how the defense reacts, you make your next decision (shot, pass, re-group, secondary move). Passing just to pass is pointless. If you pass to a teammate just to erase your feelings of selfishness, then what's to stop that teammate from passing just to passing? And the next guy? And the next? Until finally you have my middle school zone offense situation.

We all experience the lack of killer instinct at different times though. But the big turning point for me came from watching one of my very unselfish teammates play. Up until about 10th grade, I always felt a fast break (with favorable numbers) had to feature me passing the ball at some point (if I was the initial ballhandler). But one day, after watching that teammate, something clicked. In his case, on a fast break, he'd attack every single time and if the defense never fully committed (they'd be in his path but not fully in his path) he'd hang onto the ball and score every time. As a guy who loved to pass, he'd only do so when necessary. Elsewise, he'd keep things as simple as possible. He'd go until someone stopped him. It's amazing how much easier the game becomes (particular passing) when we're aggressive.

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