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Default Re: Phil Jackson would not coach "clumsy" Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
Sounds like he's saying "I'm glad you didnt ask because I would have said no anyway" because he was surprised he didnt get a chance to turn everyone down and have ppl beg him. Im have no problems with us not calling him. The fact that he said a team isnt close to his Montana home says it all. He doesnt have it in him. Nothing is near his Montana home. Probably not even Walmart or 7-11, and them bitches are everywhere lol

I heard this all day on sports radio... I do believe he's an attention whore but this is an 11 time NBA championship coach. Do you really think he's that petty or sensitive? That would mean the Knicks position is something that he really did consider and was offended...

Its possible but I cant fathom a guy that has coached MJ Pippen, Kobe Shaq for 11 championships could be so childish or even think the Knick job is anything significant in the grand scheme of things.

Did I mention that we are assuming he got emotional over not being asked to coach Melo Stat Chandler at MSG after coaching HALL OF FAMERS Air Jordan, Pippen, Black Mamba, Shaq to 11 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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