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Default 2012 free agency

I see we do not have one so might as well do one.

This is a list of 2012 free agents

Thank you Beasted86)

One guy not on that list that i think we can get is Odom, & for the mini MLE.

Coming off the season he just had:
1) The Mavericks will not bring him back
2) No team will likely trade for his $8.9M contract
3) The only cap space team that would sign him might be Brooklyn

So I think we'd have a good shot at signing him for the mini-MLE. I know Wade and others will recruit him heavily once it is definite he has been waived.

I think Odom is the best FA available (for what we have to spend) as far as Miami is concerned.

And as far as Odom, I think he's looking to start wherever he goes... he's not coming off the bench. If he goes to the Lakers or Clippers he'd be coming off the bench. I'm sure the Nets billionaire owner will want to throw some money his way though and try and convince him to play in his hometown with Deron. He's our only competition as far as I see it.

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