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Default Re: Highest Paid Basketball Players In Europe 2011-12 Season

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
What aboute Diamantidis or Spanoulis ? PAO and OLY are cutting there budgets and lost their coaches so I think there is a chance for them to leave .

I seriously doubt it. They are cutting the budgets to 20 million euros. So having all the players will be no problem.

Neither team would have to cut a single player. PAO will have a bunch of money freed up because the new coach will make a lot less, and Batiste will make a lot less in a new contract.

So there is no reason why they would have any problem paying their players with such a budget. Especially considering that they can replace Sato for someone that costs a lot less if they want to.

Olympiacos will also have a big amount of money freed up with Ivkovic leaving and with Vasilopoulos' contract ending. Actually, Olympiacos will have more money to spend than they did last summer. It's 5.22 million euros in salary and taxes that are freed up with Ivkovic's and Vasilopoulos' contracts ending.

So no, neither player would leave due to budget issues. They are both bound by contract, so they won't be able to leave simply for the reason that the coach left.

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