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Default NBA WIF Sim Idea

Been off the forum for a little bit. Thinking of putting together a sim league for something like another professional basketball league coming in during the lockout back at the beginning of the decade. The IHBA is formed, and 16 of the NBA's own teams leave the NBA to come to our brand.

Unlikely, but let's run with it for basketball reasons. So I picked 16 teams I thought would leave to come for us, and I'm going to be using those 16 teams to sim with. Those teams are:

Charlotte Hornets
Cleveland Cavaliers
Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors
Indiana Pacers
Los Angeles Clippers
Sacramento Kings
Milwaukee Bucks
New York Knicks
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia 76ers
Portland Trail Blazers
Seattle SuperSonics
Toronto Raptors
Vancouver Grizzlies

Timmy D for MVP
Boston C's

Now, using the players off their 00-01 roster (Wanna be a season ahead so we can catch that rookie class in here) we can do an expansion/fantasy draft with these 16 teams using all players from the 00-01 season, and end up simming it like a real season. Maybe just a 50 game season or something.

I'm going to be simming it on whatifsports which is actually pretty accurate from what I've seen in my past experiences. What whatifsports does is sim's based on that players performance any given year, so if a player had a good year shooting in 04 and a bad year in 05, same thing's probably going to happen here. Each game is individually simmed and has a detailed play-by-play that can be seen.

I'm not quite sure what to do about free agency and trades and stuff, but we'll get to that bridge when we cross it. I was wondering, what do you guys think? Would anyone want to draft a team and sim it? I would keep stats and all that, got the whole decade of players to work with. I won't be simming every day, it will be a laid back type of thing, every second day or so. Definitely nothing serious, just an idea I had in my head.

I was thinking up to 16 players, and then we'd pull off our expansion draft, remember you'd be drafting based on how their career went from 00-01 on.

Here's a list of the players we would be drafting (checked it out, enough for 12-13 man rosters):

G Bobby Jackson
G Ray Allen
G Quentin Richardson
G David Wesley
G Trajan Langdon
G Alvin Williams
G Chucky Atkins
G Larry Robinson
G Andre Miller
G Baron Davis
G Eldridge Recasner
G Cory Alexander
G Damon Stoudamire
G Tracy McGrady
G Shammond Williams
G Emmanuel Davis
G Allan Houston
G Keyon Dooling
G Wesley Person
G Paul McPherson
G Mike Bibby
G Tracey Augmon
G Mateen Cleaves
G Bimbo Coles
G Reggie Miller
G Doug Overton
G Rod Strickland
G Jeff McInnis
G Elliott Perry
G Charlie Ward
G Voshon Lenard
G Greg Anthony
G Anthony Johnson
G Mookie Blaylock
G Rodney Buford
G Darrell Armstrong
G Bob Sura
G Nick Van Exel
G Chris Childs
G Robert Pack
G Eric Piatkowski
G Rafer Alston
G Eric Snow
G Anthony Goldwire
G Tariq Abdul-Wahad
G Dell Curry
G Vernon Maxwell
G Dana Barros
G Lindsey Hunter
G Hersey Hawkins
G Tyrone Nesby
G Gary Payton
G Rick Brunson
G Tyus Edney
G Sam Cassell
G Troy Hudson
G Steve Smith
G Mark Jackson
G Kevin Ollie
G Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
G John Barry
G Allen Iverson
G Vinny Del Negro
G Erick Strickland
G Travis Best
G Larry Hughes
G Brevin Knight
G Jason Williams
G Damon Jones
G/F Doug Christie
G/F Jerry Stackhouse
G/F Brent Barry
G/F Desmond Mason
G/F Michael Curry
G/F Morris Peterson
G/F Michael Dickerson
G/F Aaron McKie
F Jerome Kersey
F Chris Porter
F Cedric Ceballos
F Ruben Patterson
F Shareef Abdur-Rahim
F Otis Thorpe
F Derek Strong
F Tracy Murray
F Shawn Kemp
F Charles Oakley
F Darius Miles
F Lamond Murray
F Lamar Odom
F Corie Blount
F Tim Thomas
F Bonzi Wells
F George McCloud
F Danny Fortson
F Mark Pope
F John Wallace
F Rasheed Wallace
F Corey Maggette
F Detlef Schrempf
F Lawrence Funderburke
F Eddie Robinson
F Ruben Wolkowyski
F Monty Williams
F Clarence Weatherspoon
F Rashard Lewis
F Toni Kukoc
F David Kornel
F Scottie Pippen
F Jalen Rose
F Jud Beuchler
F Jonathan Bender
F Al Harrington
F Antawn Jamison
F Peja Stojakovic
F Don Reid
F Grant Long
F Sam Perkins
F Lee Nailon
F Jamal Mashburn
F Mike Miller
F Chris Mills
F Corliss Williamson
F Larry Johnson
F Ryan Bowen
F Chris Gatling
F Jerome Williams
F Chris Mullin
F Derrick Coleman
F Matt Harpring
F Glen Rice
F Roshown McLeod
F Jumaine Jones
F Hedo Turkoglu
F Darvin Ham
F Glenn Robinson
F Scott Williams
F Jim Jackson
F Chucky Brown
F Latrell Sprewell
F Mark Strickland
F Cedric Henderson
F Pat Garrity
F James Posey
F Stromile Swift
F Terry Davis
F Derrick McKey
F Tony Massenburg
F/C Chris Webber
F/C Billy Owens
F/C Austin Croshere
F/C Jason Caffey
F/C Jermaine O'Neal
F/C Bo Outlaw
F/C Keon Clark
F/C Antonio McDyess
F/C Elden Campbell
F/C Tyrone Hill
F/C Kurt Thomas
F/C Brian Skinner
C Isaac Austin
C Chris Mihm
C Dale Davis
C Raef Lafrentz
C Patrick Ewing
C Mikki Moore
C John Amaechi
C Travis Knight
C P.J. Brown
C Michael Olowokandi
C Bryant Reeves
C Ervin Johnson
C Jelani McCoy
C Joel Przybilla
C Ben Wallace
C Sean Rooks
C Zan Tabak
C Marcus Camby
C Vlade Divac
C Othella Harrington
C Theo Ratliff
C Eric Montross
C Jamaal Magloire
C Olumide Oyedeji
C Matt Geiger
C Kevin Willis
C Jeff Foster
C Todd Macculloch
C Marc Jackson
C Dikembe Mutombo
C Adonal Foyle
C Michael Doleac
C Cherokee Parks
C Scot Pollard
C Erick Dampier
C Robert Traylor
C Andrew Declercq
C Arvydas Sabonis
C Luc Longley
C Zydrunas Ilgauskas

I'm going out for a couple hours, leave any questions/concerns/comments/suggestions here.

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