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Default Re: David Falk says 2012 is a one-player Draft

I like the Ibaka/Aldrige hybrid comparison, I think it's somewhat fair to make.

I do think he's being overhyped as a generational player - to me, he's not a LeBron, O'Neal, or Duncan type of prospect, but he's still the clear number one pick.

The thing is, his severe lack of strength and girth concerns me a lot. It'll eventually fill out, no doubt, but for the time being, it's going to hurt him a lot. First off, for obvious reasons, it's going to lend to stronger guys being able to push him around and post him up.

Secondly, it's going to hurt his own post game if he can't back anyone up. Of course, I haven't seen as much of Davis as someone like UKfan but off the top of my head, I remember how against Kansas, Davis was having an incredibly frustrating time being able to get it in the hoop in the post against the tall and strong front court of Robinson and Withey.

I also think that considering he was a guard, his jumper and handles are nothing special. For a big guy prospect and for a guy his size, it's a fair deal above average. But those aspects of his skillsets are really being overhyped in my eyes.

Don't get me wrong, I do think Davis is the best player in the draft and is a franchise player. I just personally think he's being a bit overhyped and am just looking to point out his flaws and I admittedly didn't really talk about his positives.
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