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Default Re: Mike Dunlap is our new HC

Originally Posted by Timmeh
Well spectre, I give you the power to carry all optimism for the rest of us here, because we certainly don't have any.

I said it in the main forum when I saw the announcement: If we screw up this draft, I'm done with this team.

No you wouldn't. Besides, between 2-5 it's hard to determine who's going to break out. Go towards the safer route in Robinson, Beal or more upside with Drummond, MKG? I can't really see a lot of fault if we go with any of these making the choice all or nothing isn't really fair IMO.

I've harped on this all last season since we lost LB; these players need a teacher first and foremost to get their value up. Right now everyone has a low value because of last season and they're not going to get much better on their own. Cho has said repeatedly that player development was the chief factor in the new coach and he's held true to that in the selection of Dunlap.

Is he really that much worse than Quinn Snyder?
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