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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Bano114
And that's not even something to use against yourself. It seems like most people thought Kevin Love wouldn't amount to much in this league.

The thing with prospects too is it takes the right situation. Who's to say Kevin Love is as successful if he's drafted somewhere else? The coaching staff and management are huge when it comes to the development of young players.

You got the wrong coach behind a guy in any situation and it can go down as a waisted opportunity. One recent example I could think of just in the Knicks organization was Anthony Randolph. The David Lee for AR, Azabuike and Turiaf deal sounded great at the time and in large part because of Randolph's potential. Unfortunetly he came to one of the worst coaching situations in the league and it didn't pan out.

It's hard to call whether a player will be good or not until after seeing where he will go and how he fits in that teams situation.

Yeah I didnt think Love would become a scoring Forward when he was drafted, I really thought he'd be what we saw early in his career of a stocky rebounding PF/C with a solid offensive game and good passing. Basically, a better Brad Miller.

I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he looks like he has a disease or something with how different he looks compared to back then. Im convinced he weighs no more than 230lbs right now, although he mentioned last offseason he had dropped 25lbs but it looks like he is still losing weight.

But, Anthony Randolph's downfall really can't be blamed on us. He got overrated playing "Nellie-ball" in an uptempo style where nobody could really notice he's an undersized Forward who couldn't shoot or play in the post. Im kinda glad he didn't pan out in Minnesota since we just threw him in that deal for no apparent reason.
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