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Default My thoughts on Big Ben

The Pistons will be better than the Bulls next year, but after that, I'd bet on Chicago eclipsing Detroit, with or without Ben Wallace.

The offers are roughly the same (DET: 4Y/$50M, CHI: 4Y/$60M), so if Big Ben's determining factor is on-court success, this sums up his choice:

(1) Try to squeeze out one more title with Detroit before decline begins? (Even '07 is no lock, given this year's fizzling finish.)
(2) join the rising Bulls (in the process helping them vault the Pistons) and be on the East's hot contender from 2008-10?

It's rare for a 32-year-old like Wallace to enjoy "upside" again, but the Bulls have it, and he will join them for the ride.
(Update: Wallace's reaction to Detroit's offer isn't a good sign for the Pistons: "It was disappointing. It was not at all what I expected.") What did you expect Ben ?

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