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Default Re: DraftExpress: Okafor & Arizona traded for Rashard Lewis & #46

Originally Posted by Grinder
Decent trade for both teams although the Hornets got the better of it.

Wiz clearly looking for some proven veterans to add to their young core and let them draft a shooting guard (although I would have loved to see MKG and Wall together). Hornets get a monster expirer to allow them to give Eric Gordon a max contract and secure their core of Davis + Gordon.

Wall / Mack
Beal / Crawford
Ariza / Vesely / Singleton
Nene / Blatche / Booker
Okafor / Seraphin

I don't know if they have their amnesty available but they need to get rid of Blatche.

Jack / (Marshall or Lillard?) / Vasquez
Gordon / Henry / (Belinelli?)
Aminu / Lewis
Davis / (?)
Smith / Ayon

Hornets roster is really bare and it remains to be seen what direction they go in with the 10 pick but it's a promising core to build around. I think they should resign Belinelli at a reasonable price, let Kaman and Landry walk, draft Kendall Marshall, and try to fill their holes with low salary, low risk-high reward signings like Greg Oden, Hasheem Thabeet, etc.
I heard somewhere that Belinelli has the worst + - by far or something like that.
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