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Default Re: TRADE: Hornets sending Okafor and Ariza to Wizards for Rashard Lewis, 2nd rounder

I read somewhere that Rich Cho told the Bobcats ownership that the team needed to be bad before it could truly be good. Or something along those lines. If the Bobcats ownership can stay patient and allow that kind of a rebuild to happen, that's exactly the long-term plan I'd want from my team. Whether or not Charlotte's big wigs allow him to stick to the plan after, likely another 2 tough losing years, is another thing.

When you are an NBA team that isn't located in LA, Miami, New York or Chicago, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. You need to draft your core and basically get the timing right as well (have them together during their prime). You have to get lucky too. Teams like Washington, Toronto, Charlotte, and Cleveland need to stay the course. The problem comes in when you have people trying to save their jobs (understandably) when they should have already been relieved of them.

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