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Default Re: European teams summer signings

Originally Posted by Euroleague
So is he a low character guy? Because Aris had FIBA show that they had paid him all his salary before he even played a game. So then he just lied about that?

I would not re-sign him if I was Partizan.
He said he didn't get paid , Aris said he did so they went to FIBA and FIBA decided that James was telling truth and his contract was termenated . I think he's a good guy , he always says good things aboute his teammates and staff and they do same for him. He got injured in game 2 of finals and everyone thought he wouldnt play and even though he didnt even practice in 5 days before the game he insisted that plays . Whats even more impresive is that at the time he didnt got paid for last 2 monhts . I especeted something like that from Milosavljevic who did the same thing as James but he is domestic player not some forginer
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