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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
THE Knicks have been bad enough they just dont develop any players. how many years has the Knicks gone 23 wins 33 wins thats bad enough. the knicks are terrible drafters though when they do pick but you need drafted players to keep the payroll down.

Miami is a bad example just like OKC is a bad example.

What team has all bought players? Its utterly retarded for everyone to think its ok.
When did I say it was ok, what i said was the knicks haven't been bad enough or lucky.

And Miami and OKC are perfect examples of being bad enough and lucky all wrapped in one.

OKC 3 straight years of top 5 picks plus Portland grabbed Oden and Durant fell to OKC

Miami sucks in the year of top 5 players being franchise changers plus lucky enough to have a player that the best player in the league wanted to play with.

The Knicks have never had such luck and even when they won 23 games, teams won even less.
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