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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Rameek
THE Knicks have been bad enough they just dont develop any players. how many years has the Knicks gone 23 wins 33 wins thats bad enough. the knicks are terrible drafters though when they do pick but you need drafted players to keep the payroll down.

Miami is a bad example just like OKC is a bad example.

What team has all bought players? Its utterly retarded for everyone to think its ok.

I dont think you can say we've been that bad in drafting players the past 10 years. We've drafted good role players despite our terrible seasons but we never openly tanked to get a top pick or even a Top 5 pick. Maybe we were just too good to be "terrible".

The biggest mistake we've made is that our management has not been aggressive enough to get the guy we NEED.

In 2008:
With Arizona guard Jerryd Bayless starting to fall off the Knicks' radar, the Knicks are hoping O.J. Mayo falls to six. But that is unlikely. As such, Westbrook has emerged as a strong candidate for the Knicks, if he's even still there.

There are rumblings Seattle, which was linked to Bayless, may opt for Westbrook instead. Indeed, one personnel director told The Post Bayless may sink the most Thursday night.

"He may be the best individual defender in the draft, on the perimeter anyway," ESPN Draft analyst Jay Bilas said yesterday of Westbrook. "He's got a lot to offer. He's a real hungry kid. He's worthy of a lottery selection, just a question of how high. "

Eric Gordon, more a shooting guard, is also a consideration, especially if Westbrook isn't there, and his handlers are trying to steer him to New York. Forward Danilo Gallinari, the 19-year-old Italian Stallion, is still being linked to the Knicks in some circles but may be too much of a reach and project at six.

Guess who we "settled for"?

Im not even going to put everyone through the pre-draft misery of the 2009 NBA Draft where we made the worst mistake since Frederic Weis. While, anyone with a brain could see we needed Steph Curry or Brandon Jennings and we end up with Hill because Donnie was not aggressive enough to swap with Minnesota.
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