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Default Re: Mike Dunlap is our new HC

Originally Posted by ~spectre~
He said "probably not" and I'm very disappointed...Smack would have benefited greatly from having him here. With their connection though it wouldn't surprise me to see him in Grgurich's "secret" training camp this offseason.

Dunlap is already working the guys. After the Barnes workout he messed around some with Carroll, Mullens and a few others. Carroll was tweeting later how intense just that little bit was.

I saw him last night having dinner (at an undisclosed location) with Harrison Barnes. I almost choked on an oyster. Also today he worked out with Corey Higgins. Really???? Corey fvcking Higgins??? He doesn't belong on this or any NBA team. Makes me wonder if Cho really has any say in what is going on.
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