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Default Re: European teams summer signings

Originally Posted by Euroleague
The way I understood is that he left Aris AFTER they paid him for games he had not played yet. He had gotten his money ahead of time for games.

So when he did not show up for the team anymore of course any money he might have been owed would not come or be cut off or whatever.

Something does not add up here. FIBA can't order a team to pay a player when he refuses to join the team.

This really makes no sense, because when James signed with Aris there were articles saying he only agreed to sign because he got paid money up front......

I don't understand how he can get paid up front, then file a complaint when the team decided to not paying further money, after he had since stopped being a member of the team because he left the team without telling anyone.

If FIBA really found in favor of him that is really odd. It just makes me wonder, because when I see that he is thinking of playing for 250K euros in Rytas, when he was said to have got 300K dollars up front or would not agree to sign with Aris.

I remember that Aris management was mad as hell when he left the team and never even told anyone and they didn't even know where he want.

That all sounds really strange. Because the story was that he left Aris because Partizan gave him more money. But if that is so, then why would he be only asking for 250K euros to play in Euroleague? Because he was asking for what would have been 215K euros up front to sign with Aris?

Maybe Aris lied, but that seems a stretch to me. Considering that a sponsor supposedly paid for his salary. Does FIBA even have control over that?

If Aris really lied that much to the media about what happened with him, then I don't even know what to say about Aris owners.....
Even before James left Aris FIBA decided that Aris can't registre new players because of their debt , thats why they didn't want to let James go . So Aris probably lied aboute paying him .
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