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Default Re: Raptors fans, thoughts on Chris Bosh winning a ring with the Heat

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
I don't really care either way. I'm not bitter/angry nor am I thrilled for him. He produced with the Raptors and gave a good effort during his time here but he's no longer part of the team. As a fan of basketball in general I'm kinda glad that Lebron won a title. He's clearly been the best overall player in the NBA for several years now but he was still getting criticized for not winning titles. Teams win titles, not players. This argument against Lebron won't fly anymore.

The only thing that irks me about the Heat is that, IMO, the 3 players colluded to get together. But whatever, Cleveland and Toronto didn't do enough to keep their stars and the Miami management laid the groundwork to bring them all together. Oh and Wade is kind of a dink with all his on-court acting.


I hate Lebron, but respect what he did on the court. There's no denying his performance, regardless of opinions on officiating. He seems as though he has matured, and that's why many couldn't stand him. The ring chasing is what it is, but so be it.

The issue is that it proves that players can scheme and dictate what they want to do to get to a ring. I'm hoping the league doesn't turn into a superteam top 5 while the rest of the league just sits back and watches.
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