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Default Re: Allen Iverson vs Stephon Marbury from 1995 NIT

I was at that game. I had a buddy who was at Georgetown at the time, and I wasn't far from the city, so he came up to go, and I took the train down from school myself. We got tix through his student union, but we weren't in the student section (which aren't great seats by the way).

With this being Marbury's trip back to his hometown from Georgia Tech, and knowing he wasn't gonna be around the college game much, The Garden was absolutely buzzing. It was a great game to be at, and I've been to a lot of games in that building. Even with the matchup, I expected there to be some flatness due to the preseason NIT-ness of the whole thing, but there wasn't at all. It felt like a Big East Tournament game, better than most BET games to be honest.
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