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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
There are 2 small forwards that can, on any given night, outplay LeBron James. We have one of them! If you have buyer's remorse because of that, so be it. End of the day, stars win championships. LeBron's punk @$$ changed the landscape of the league. You either keep up or keep yourself out of contention.
no one in this league can ever outplay the best player in the league. What most likely could happen is.... he may outscore him (but wont out defend, out rebound, etc etc).

I am not saying you have get a superstar through the draft but you have to get a bench, a cornerstone, role players through the draft. You need a quality FO to make good trades and draft picks. The Knicks have done neither.

The Knicks will have to be extremely lucky at this point to fill out a perfect roster to even be considered a contender. Now the Knicks are searching through the scraps for BAE, MLE, Vet Minimum type players.

The Knicks are not a championship contender and i dont know who they can add to be a contender. I think they are a playoff contender. Up against the cap with Melo, Stat, Chandler how do they fill out a roster?

What sucks now is all these older quality vets are going to seek out the Heat first to win a championship ring and again the knicks will get the likes of Boomdizzle and Bibby.
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