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Default Re: Raptors fans, thoughts on Chris Bosh winning a ring with the Heat

Don't give a shit about Bosh anymore. Wasn't good enough to win a championship as the main cog of a team and he knew that. So he hopped on the freight train that is the Miami Heat to win as an upper eschalan role player.

As for the Miami Heat team itself, it disgusts me that they are the current NBA champions. Not just because of the foul discrepency (and there was one, big time) but because of how this team was put together. Pat Riley essentially bought a championship. And I feel confident in saying that a team like ours will likely never be able to do that. Not because of freeing up the cap space but because of the daunting task of trying to convince 2 superstars, an all star, and a veteran supporting cast with guys like Miller, Battier, Haslem, etc... to sign for low pay for the chance at the chip. Our only hope is to go the Thunder route but as we've just seen, that road is long and arduous. It requires the right blend of high level, high quality draft picks, the right veteran pieces to surround them with, and quite honestly, some luck that they gel together, reach their potential, and don't demand too much money.

But if you look at the last 3-4 teams that have won it all, they haven't won with that approach. Not the Celtics, Lakers, Mavs, and definitely not the Heat. So what hope does that really give a team like ours?
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