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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
I really doubt the Knicks use the full MLE, they aren't gonna hard cap themselves now with this new flexibility.

Contrary to the norm, I do hope Landry accepts his QO of 2.6 mil for next year.

And seeing this pic right here is very positive.....

This our coach working with our free agent on the one thing that is his weakness.

Get those shots up Landry.

We desperately will need a shooting guard, backup pg, and a backup 4/5 man.

My shooting guard hopeful would be Shannon Brown for the mini MLE.

My backup pg most likely would be either a vet min signing or combing through the undraftees.

Antony Carter would definitely receive a call from me.

Backup 4/5 Marcus Camby, Ivan Johnson from the Hawks and hopefully either Steimsma from the Celtics or Thompson from the Kings with the BAE.
I am all for players getting their money but the only way I would want Landry back on this team is one the extreme cheap!

I love the idea of Anthony Carter, Camby and Steimsma...
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