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Default Re: Thomas Robinson Predraft Workout

Originally Posted by Rowe
Didn't check the video, but I really feel sorry for the team who's going to take him in the Top 7. You're going to get a good rebounder but he's definetly going to be the biggest "bust" in the Draft as far as draft position goes. He's the type of guy who might give you 10/8 at best, but not much more than that kind of production when given a starting job and a respectable usage rate.

He doesn't have the overall skill package to be a Top 10 or Top 15 PF in the NBA. If he went anywhere between 10-20 he wouldn't have to deal with those kind of expectations and his career wouldn't be questioned.
He very well may be the No. 2 overall pick if Charlotte doesn't trade down. I truly believe it is down to Robinson and Barnes, which is pretty stunning to me when you have two far better prospects (imo) in MKG and Beal.

But, I also heard that Robinson has been absolutely beastly in the competitive portions of his workouts. He and Drummond were both in Cleveland working out together last week and word was that Robinson completely decimated Drummond on both sides of the floor.

When it comes to strictly skills, I tend to agree with you. He relied a lot on his physical attributes and natural athleticism in college and I don't see that being all effective in a league where guys will match up with him much better in those areas. However, everything that I've heard indicates that he is a tenacious competitor and a hard-worker, which is always enticing when you are talking about a guy that is built like a brick sh!t-house and has nice natural athleticism.

So, I'm sort of split on what his NBA career will look like... Wasn't a big fan of his game in college, but like what I've heard about his work ethic and competitiveness.

We'll see. Expect him to go No. 2 if the Bobcats keep the pick, which seems to be in doubt because the Cavs seem to really want to jump Washington, presumably to grab Beal.

Should be a very interesting Thursday night.
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